Packing Services


Packing is one of the most time-consuming jobs when you move. he kitchen in particular, can hold a lot of items, much of it breakable. Having the right packing materials, and knowing how to pack things, can make the world of difference.

Full pack 

Full pack with this type of packing service, you can choose to have everything packed by our trained, professional packers, our consultant will come to your home to view everything is going to need to be packed, and what items are of concern to you.

Benefits of Professional Packing


  • Quick and Efficient, saving you a significiant amount of pricious time
    and effort. Aprocess that can often take you endless evenings and
    weekends can be taken care of by Care Removals the day before
    you move.
  • Reduces the risk of Damage and breakages. Household goods were
    not designed to be moved frequently from the place to place so it is
    important that they are well protected. Having ypur goods professionally
    packed will help negate that possibly of the unforeseen occuring.
  • Allows you to be fully insured against all risks of damage should you
    take out Transit Insurance cover with Care Removals.